Mango Habanero

Craving sweet, and spicy? Get the pleasant sweetness of mango mixed with a hint of fiery habanero pepper. Eat, share, repeat.

Mango Habanero packaging
Only 40 Cals Mango Habanero packaging

Other Amazing Flavours

Sea Salt

Topped with natural sea-salt to awaken the senses.

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Bold BBQ flavour you crave with a zesty kick.

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Sea Salt & Vinegar

Sea salt kick with a satisfying vinegar zip and a bold crunch.

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Salt & Pepper

Seasoned with an elevated twist of Salt and Pepper.

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Dill Pickle

Delicious dill taste with a crispy and satisfying crunch.

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Fiesta Salsa

A savoury blend of tomatoes, peppers, garlic, herbs and spices.

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Sea Salted Caramel

Sweet and salty with scrumptious caramel finish.

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Simply Bare

Simply delicious. Our kind of snack.

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